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    No more touchID?

    Dear Enpass official response - Sorry doesn't cut it - you have failed to answer the questions raised by paying customers who have paid for a product only to have some functions taken taken away during an upgrade. Neither response answers nor justifies your model that penalises the people that have supported you in the past. Pathetic. What guarantee now is there for anyone who purchases from Enpass - you buy and then they taketh away. Thumbs down to Enpass - go elsewhere.
  2. Spinners

    No more touchID?

    Agree, to take something away after you have been given it and using it for a long time is outrageous - does loyalty mean nothing? - I to wan t to know how do I roll back to my previous version? Upgrades are meant to improve things for you, not go backwards!
  3. Spinners

    No more touchID?

    Have been using Enpass for quite some time now on my Mac (10.14.2) and I sync across multiple devices via dropbox - have just updated to Version 6 and I now no longer have the ability to log in using Touch ID which I have been using for a long time. How can an update remove features I previously had - is there a bug in the update?
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