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  1. To all listed above I can add only following: I am relatively old user of enpass and bought license for IOS pro-version of enpass more than a year ago. For 10$ (at that time). Now I've been offered to pay additionally 5.99$ for features I've been using for a while, and as far as I remember those was free of charge. Total will be 15.99$ for old members. While newcomers can get all features for 12$ (I apologize 11.98$). So I have few questions: Do you think it is a fair play to users who believed in you and invested money in your growth at the beginning? Why should I keep rejecting build in MacOS password manager after this beautiful "innovations"? Must say, I would definitely buy enpass for 11.98$ if I would be new to it. But obligation to make extra payment for users who fairly invested into you in only way that was possible at the moment...
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