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  1. Have you got both the Apple Store version and the "un-official" version installed?

    I had a similar issue whereby I had both installed by mistake and after Google Auth finished, I was redirected back to the "unofficial" app rather than the Apple Store version.  

    If so, I suggest making a local backup of your vault, then uninstalling one or both and re-installing the Apple store version.

  2. Exactly the same position.  I was automatically upgraded to v6 on my Android device (so a forced upgrade?) and so have done the same on my MacBook only to discover that I have to pay extra for the TouchID feature I had before!  I am extremely disappointed in this Enpass.  As you well know (because you now charge for it) TouchID is a big time saver and to remove features from a product which I too have championed, is holding your loyal customers to ransom.  Being held to ransom (by a monthly cost) is the very reason I decided not to use LastPass etc in the first place.  

    Please if anyone has seen instructions for downgrading to v5 on any/all platforms, please post it here.

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