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  1. Re-installing the app has fixed the problem for many people experiencing this issue.
  2. Thanks Ivarson, yes good suggestion - she has installed the desktop app but remains limited on her phone. Her email is the same and has remained the same the whole time, so it's confusing and worrying that the downgrade happened without warning or intervention
  3. Thank you Manish, I've replied via DM and appreciate your help resolving the issue.
  4. My wife's Enpass account has been pro for several years, but 4 days ago, she was "downgraded" by Enpass to a lite user and lost access to all but 25 of her passwords. Despite several support emails, there is still no resolution, and Enpass have effectively cut off access to her online accounts for 4 days (and counting). To be clear, nothing has changed on her side - same email, same devices. I find it wholly unacceptable that when we chose to put our trust in this software because it offers "offline" storage, that Enpass can still, on a whim, restrict access to our passwords and secure data for multiple days without a resolution. Please can someone at Enpass, pick up and action the support case, offer some advice, and grant her the pro licence again that she has already proven that she purchased. If you need further details in order to find the case, please let me know. Thanks.
  5. At least on the Mac client, the OTP is automatically copied into the clipboard by enpass, so that after logging in, you simply have to Control-V the OTP. It doesn't work like this on the Android client, which I would love to see.
  6. Have you got both the Apple Store version and the "un-official" version installed? I had a similar issue whereby I had both installed by mistake and after Google Auth finished, I was redirected back to the "unofficial" app rather than the Apple Store version. If so, I suggest making a local backup of your vault, then uninstalling one or both and re-installing the Apple store version.
  7. c-dev

    No more touchID?

    Exactly the same position. I was automatically upgraded to v6 on my Android device (so a forced upgrade?) and so have done the same on my MacBook only to discover that I have to pay extra for the TouchID feature I had before! I am extremely disappointed in this Enpass. As you well know (because you now charge for it) TouchID is a big time saver and to remove features from a product which I too have championed, is holding your loyal customers to ransom. Being held to ransom (by a monthly cost) is the very reason I decided not to use LastPass etc in the first place. Please if anyone has seen instructions for downgrading to v5 on any/all platforms, please post it here.
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