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  1. I begrudgingly paid for Enpass on Windows 10 a second time when it was upgraded to Version 6, because I wanted windows Hello support. Face time and the finger print reader work so well on my IOS devices. As you can understand I am more than a little upset that I have been charged a second time for a feature that does not work. Enpass could have at least waited for the feature to work before charging for it. However what has made me particularly angry is the fact that Enpass on my iPhone has bee upgraded to fix a Facetime issue, and then today Enpass on my iPad was updated, and I was not charged again when they were updated to version 6. You have taken more of my money pleas fix Windows hello. Please do not blame Microsoft like you did when the Edge extension would not work. If there are issues with implementing the feature then why did you charge us for it. Pleas fix this or give us a refund.
  2. You should not be expecting us to pay for this feature until it does, completely unacceptable, unethical and probably illegal in most jurisdictions.
  3. That is probably true, however all my other extensions work.
  4. I have just re-purchased to get windows hello working and it is still does not. You have charged me twice (for versions 5 & 6) for a feature that does not work. I'm sure this contravenes the sales of goods legislation in the EU. At the very least you should get the feature working before you enable the in-app purchase. To add insult to injury, the Edge browser extension does not work either. It is a real shame because Enpass works seamlessly on IOS with facetime, I would like to use complex passwords, but can't because Enpass just does not work on Windows 10. In all I've Spent over £15 across my devices, and can't really use Enpass day to day. How do I get my Money back?
  5. Same problem here (Cannot restore purchase). Also the Edge Extention does not appear to work. Enpass works great on my IOS devices, but has been a real PITA on Windows, and pretty pointless as the extension (In Version 5.x) does not work with Windows Hello, I have to constantly re-type the master password, which kind of defeats the object of the extension). Really hope these are teething troubles. I am not keen to pay again, as I was on the brink of moving to a competitor until it looked like Hello was going to be properly integrated in version 6.x, (Facetime on my iPhone works brilliantly). As things stand it looks like I would be wasting my money (again).
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