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  1. Even though I did not have the same problems, the upgrade was a very bad experience for me down the line as well. Since I am not so helpless in dealing with such problems, I was able to get everything right. But a normal user out there would not have gotten it to work. It started with the recovery of my vault from the Dropbox. He did not find the data on the desktop. It only worked on the desktop when I first set up the safe via the OnePlus 6T. Furthermore, I was not informed after the update of the Android app that all permissions for filling out must be set again. Again, a thing that is difficult to understand for the standard user without notice. Also, the explanations to the new pricing model are somewhat poor for existing users. Trimming existing functions is not a good way. I am happy to pay you the few euros, but not everyone thinks that way. Why do you spend your lifetime licenses? Is not sustainable for you ... I would like to give 10-20 euros a year.
  2. +1 Very surprising that this is not always the case. This was promised to me by the support for version 6.
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