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  1. Both applications were installed and when attempting the upgrade process failed. My data was being sync'd with OneDrive. The Windows store app literally failed seconds after the import process started.. when the app was relaunched it prompted me to send a note back to the developers (which I have done several times) and then the application appeared to have created a new vault with no data. There were approx 125 records in the vault mainly login data.. I have managed to work around this now by reinstalling v5 and re-keying all my data into v6. I then re-installed the windows app and sync'd against the new vault. not really my plans for new years eve..
  2. I have tried multiple times to upgrade with no success. I attempt to import the data from backups and the app just falls over... when I restart it clearly understood my password from v5 as it now prompts me for it but there is no data in the vault... and no longer any method to import it? I am also have a similar problem on IOS recovering my data from OneDrive... in this case the app does not fall over but no data imported The data is ok & I can create new backups having installed v5 on Windows and all in tact.
  3. Please can someone tell me where I can download version 5 for Windows again as my IOS version has failed on the upgrade & cannot get to my data and Windows 10 also a problem at present as upgrade not working
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