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  1. @mark chang yes of course. I'm syncing on gdrive and everything is ok on all my devices except the one I'm using to help Enpass Support to solve onedrive issue. My 'official' cloud service where I have all data is OneDrive. Gdrive and google are not my first choice. I'm syncing there only due to this emergency status. @AnthonyJT you're right but I paid for Enpass :-D and most important, I like it. I work in a software house and I know the importance of data get from debugger :-D
  2. Dear Pratyush Sharma, thanks for your reply. I send all to support :-D Fabio
  3. Hi @Garima Singh, thank for your reply. These are my assets: - Home Laptop (ASUS - Windows 10 Pro 2004 build 19041.329 - Enpass 6.43.666.0 > after various tests, is only installed and ready to try new restore from cloud and sync) - Work Laptop (DELL - Windows 10 Pro 2004 build 19041.264 - Enpass 6.43.666.0 > vault restored from backup create on my personal mobile, not syncing due to onedrive password error, but vault password is correct ) - Personal Mobile (Samsung S10 SM-G973F - Android 10 QP1A.190711.020.G973FXXS5CTD1- Enpass > My most updated device. Not syncing on onedrive due to password error. For your info, I try to sync on gdrive and it works. But gdrive is not my cloud choice, so I need that onedrive works :-D ) - Work mobile (Samsung S9 SM-G960F Android 10 build QP1A.190711.020.G960FXXS9DTD7- Enpass - NO RESTORED from S10 file, not syncing on onedrive due to password error). Just tried to re-start sync on onedrive but I receive this error that in italian is "Errore di sincronizzazione. E' necessaria la password dei dati su OneDrive" For your info, I've opened a support request with the same question. Ticket nr ECS-14485 Thank for your help Fabio
  4. Same issue for me this evening. I worked on password re-organization during all weekend. Saturday and sunday on my home laptop. This afternoon on my work laptop. This evening I was working on onepass on my mobile S10 (every laptop was turned off) and enpass pop up a message like "master password on onedrive changed, sync error". And stop sync. Don't remember excatly the message, but I'm sure about my master password and no one changed it :-) I'm syncing 2 laptops and 2 smartphones. very big big big big disaster. Actually - vault backup from my mobile using wifi backup and local backup - valut backup from my work laptop - removed enpass from my home and work laptop removing also data from onedrive - removed enpass and enpass_1 folder on onedrive - removed enpass permission from live.com website - restart sync from most updated device (my S10 mobile), but I have the same error. When I try to restart sync, Enpass says that data already exists on onedrive and password don't match. Message from Italian version "Enapss ha trovato dati preesistenti in onedrive. Per continuare inserisci la password dei dati" Translated in english It sounds like "Enpass found previuos data on onedrive. To continue, insert data password" HELP PLEASE this is a very big problem Best regards Fabio
  5. Hi, I'm using Enpass V6 on 2 Windows 10 desktops (free version) and on 2 Android mobiles (purchased version) syncing using onedrive. I see that when I rename TAGs (ETICHETTE in Italian, so I don't know if english version report TAGS or Labels) on mobile or on desktop they are not synchronized on other devices even if Sync finishes without errors. Any ideas? Thanks Fabio
  6. Hi Ryan29, I solved googling the error message " LoadLibrary failed with error 1114". It's linked to graphics, but it's not driver related error. Just changed Power Options following this video >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJXPXgEXvcU Hope this help Fabio
  7. I'm not able to update Enpass 'store version' for windows 10. MS Store find 'Enpass Password Manger' (version 6) instead of old app called only 'Enpass' that was version 5. I've installed version 6 from store without uninstalling version 5, but when I run it I receive this error (in italian) LoadLibrary failed with error 1114: Routine di inizializzazione della libreria di collegamento dinamico (DLL) non riuscita. Any suggestion? Version 5 works perfectly, and I don't want to uninstall it if version 6 doesn't work :-) I've already tried to uninstall / reinstall version 6 without success. I've just opned a ticket and waiting for help from support team. Thanks
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