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    Well, how easy you find it depends on your skills: You can take the official bitwarden appliance as docker-Container, this shouldn't be too hard, but consumes a lot of resources, so I am not shure if this runs on a NAS at home smoothly. However there are other solutions like rubywarden. Enpass with its easy WebDAV Sync to my self hosted Nextcloud surely is unbeatable. As long as the enpass people are unwilling to let us pay for a "Non Google Play" full version, enpass is out of the race for me. Would be nice to hear an official statement regarding to this, so we can decide if it is worth a little wait -- or to move on. Greetings, Frank
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    APK Download

    Hi, there are a few similar requests in the forum, but the answer was always, that they are not planning to provide a full featured version for use without google play. While it is possible to downlad enpass from Gplay via Yalp Store (I am using /e/ with F-Droid an Yalp Store) the restriction to 20 entrys remains which makes enpass unusable I switched to https://www.bitwarden.com, which is OpenSource, selfhostable (difficult) and okayish and free, but enpass fits my needs much better - I would happily pay a yearly fee for having a functional enpass to use without GPlay. Greetings, Frank
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