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  1. Wow, that is a lot of steps. I think I could do that, although my Enpass has so few entries that I could write them down by hand, delete the apps, download again, and reenter everything, (probably.) In any case, before I do all those steps, I want to follow through on getting the data out of my previous PW back up app and into Enpass somehow. Or maybe do your steps and then try to migrate the data to Enpass. I am concerned that all this info is in the cloud (and computer if I use the local back up) and then, PooF, maybe it goes away. My previous app is gone on one of my devices, never to be returned, as it isn't in the store any more. Then Enpass pulls this upgrade, after people paid for the lifetime license. Since I plan to purchase a new phone with a different OS, I may be going through the ritual again. Deep breath....Thanks for all the info. I am sure that it will be helpful, as you explain well. Is your post public?
  2. I have Windows 10. On desktop computer, it is I believe it is the same on my mini laptop, also Win 10. My phone is Win 10. Not sure about the version, and I'm not going to mess with looking since Win 10 phones are no longer supported. I am getting the two computers to back up to Dropbox in the app folder. Turns out that the phone also backs up to that folder, but in a different file and those two files don't sync. Because I need to buy another phone, different OS, I haven't to put a lot of time into this situation in case either Enpass makes me start over or I find I need a different password keeper. I don't know how I got it to back up to Dropbox, except when OneDrive stopped working, I set up Dropbox. For awhile, that folder was empty, but then it started working if I did a manual backup. Now it seems to sync automatically. As mentioned above in a different post, I retried OneDrive, but it won't work. I really need to get all the data from my previous password app and move it to Enpass or another app. But I'm being cautious in case Enpass doesn't work on whatever phone I buy.
  3. Sure disappointed that Enpass hasn't addressed these issues. And after I paid for Enpass! (Also after my previous wonderful password syncing program was pulled from the store.) I am finding that i get a Dropbox sync, but only after I manually make it happen. It takes going two layers down into drop down menus on the computer version. Then I check the drop box file to see it it is there. Shouldn't have to do that. I set up a fake entry so I can see if there are changes. Not sure about my phone getting the data. I had to again reenter my Dropbox pw. Then it seemed "seemed" to work. I tried reentering OneDrive pws but that was a waste of time. BTW OneDrive is no longer backing up several of my other fav apps. So pdfft on MS.
  4. I gave up on the OneDrive sync right away because sync seems to work for Dropbox, which I use anyway. I think I'll try toe OneDrive sync with a different browser. This problem with the update not syncing is more than annoying because obviously we rely on this app working on all our devices. I am anticipating getting a totally different phone within a few months, and I want to be sure I can use this app. The previous app I used for passwords worked great for years, but is no longer available,. Regarding the new update and look of Enpass: it used to sync automatically. Now I have to use the drop down menus under tools and sync to get the Dropbox sync to work. But when I look at my dropbox file, the new date and time are there, so I'm assuming so is the data.
  5. I was thrilled to have a password program with automatic backup to OneDrive, no hassles, and I didn't need to be techy to use it. So today, I'm on my Win 10 Samsung TabPro2 and it says Update Enpass. New version will help you get the data from other apps more easily. So of course I clicked Yes, update. And then the problems started: It won't sync with OneDrive. I tried reinstalling it. That made it worse because it now has no data. I tried using my Win 10 phone to send a sync file to Dropbox, but the resulting file is empty. I haven't dared look at the version on my Win 10 desktop computer. And the phone no longer connects to the back uon OneDrive. I'm just glad I never migrated all my data over to Enpass. I can tell from the various discussions on the topic that even those with more techy knowledge than I have are frustrated with the new version of Enpass. I want something I can use without having to know all those details that just backs up my passwords like Enpass did before this update, and works on all my devices. Yes I know that my expensive Win 10 phone is going to be unsupported right away. But it was as good as a computer when I was away on a trip for 8 months! So then I will be learning another OS and it sounds like the newer Enpass maybe doesn't cross the OS divide all that well, based on some comments. Seems like computing is getting more sophisticated but less user friendly, says this 25 year computer user.
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