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  1. According to the response from enpass support (below), you must be signed into the Microsoft Store inorder to enable enpass paid premium featues "To use the premium feature, you must have to log in using the same Email ID from which you purchased the Enpass app on the Microsoft store" Anyone else find this strange. Other apps that I have purchased from the microsoft store do not require me to be logged in to the store to allow full operation.
  2. I have followed enpass supports instruction. I have uninstalled enpass. logged into my Microsoft store acct. Re-installed enpass. As soon as I log out of the microsoft store acct my paid premium features are disabled. If I log into my microsoft store account the paid premium features work again. Anyone else still having this problem.
  3. Hi, this still does not work for me. I have to be logged into the microsoft store to enable premium features. I'm running enpass 6.1.2 (432). If I try to restore purchase without being logged in to the microsft store I get "Error while restoring purchase. Error code 301".
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