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  1. any news on here? @ Anshu Kumar Can you please move the Topic into the Feature Request section?
  2. any chance to get this on the top in the very looooooooong feature list?
  3. Hi @Anshu kumar, can you now specify the ETA? Should a post this feature requirement better in the Feature request forum? thx
  4. not an option for me, i am a MS and OneDrive Fanboy Can you put this please on your featurelist for the not so far future... thx & cheers.
  5. Hi, i have enpass on my Onedrive account on my Windows 10 Mobile Phone, now i want to sync it with the W10 Mobil Phone of my wife. How can a use another Onedrive account in the app beside the standard account of the phone? Is this possible? Any advice? thx
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