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  1. Try again! My system is fine and in fact it's brand new and I have no graphic driver issues or updates pending. This never happen with the previous version of EnPass or any other application I have seen so why would I have a problem with version 6.x? The fact that you're telling me I either have to update my graphics driver or manually enter user variables in order for the app to work is absolutely crazy!
  2. The update did not resolve the overlap issue at the top of the app! And the "mouse hover" to select an item such as "show" or "copy" a password or the three-dot menu item to edit an entry is not centered. I can only select those option if the mouse hovers or the bottom of the selection. 6.x was NOT ready for release! I have worked in the software industry for 30+ years and this is the worse release I have ever seen!
  3. Such a disappointing move in my opinion. Folder usage wasn't broken....
  4. The first beta was released in June - none of this should be happening!
  5. It's not just you - since the upgrade this app has become garbage! I can't see the top of the window either and the side window will NOT close! I literally can't do a thing in this app. My only saving grace is that I have the app on my phone because the Windows app is completely unusable! In addition, when it was working I couldn't edit a single entry. And what happened to the folders?? I had everything organized and now it's by "tags"? Who's dumb idea was that???
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