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  1. I see, thanks. Now I can sync the vault with a folder. I only need to figure out how dropbox handles this, it should sync the folder with the cloud version when anything changes. /edit too bad, not for the free version Save folders for offline viewing on a mobile device is available to Dropbox Plus, Professional, Business, and Enterprise customers. /edit 2 Single file will work in offline mode. Dont know if enpass uses a single file to store all its data, of so, it could work.
  2. Here's the screen when I start a fresh install of enpass on Android (sorry its in Dutch, dont know how to get it to English) I only see local storage, under backup section. perhaps thats it. mm wondering how dropbox keeps a local folder up-to date. 1password syncs the dropbox folder for me, dont really know how to do this in the enpass scenario.
  3. Thanks for the reply Vinod Kumar. I am also missing folder sync in the Android app. I am guessing this "trick" wont work. Perhaps a webdav server can act as the central storage. Or use dropbox and onedrive to have 2 vaults, not ideal, but gets me where I want to be.
  4. I am wishing all the people from Enpass all the best. I purchased a desktop and mobile license to support this product and further development, but I cant use it at this moment due to the fact how it handles 2 vaults using cloud storage. I am a long time 1password user (offline version). Unfortunately 1password is more focused on the cloud version. 1Password supports multiple vaults for the same dropbox account, but multiple vaults is not supported in the android app. This hinders me in the way how I want to handle my passwords. For 1 password I have 2 vaults, one for me personally (work stuff) and one for the family. I am sharing the family vault through the dropbox sharing feature. This works fine. Don't understand why Enpass cant do the same thing, I am guessing it took a different approach. I hope in future it would be easier to have multiple vaults within the same cloud provider. /edit Perhaps folder sync can be a solution, just place your folder within a dropbox folder. What disadvantages would this have?
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