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  1. When setting up Enpass using a Windows 10 tablet, the interaction between the touch keyboard and Enpass makes for a horrible user experience. When selecting a field to fill out (e.g. user name), the appearance of the touch keyboard makes Enpass disappear. The third time one tries, Enpass finally stays open and it is possible to fill out the field. Later, when entering the numerical code that has been sent to the e-mail address, the keyboard is in the alphanumerical setting, which makes typing the digits awkard. If one sets the keyboard to numerical, it reverts back to alphanumerical after each digit, which is also very awkward.
  2. Dear Garima, I am happy to inform you that the sync works again on all of my devices! As you suggested, I disconnected all my devices and ticked the option to delete the information from WebDAV as well. After that there still remained a (smaller) file called 'vault.enpassdbsync' in the Enpass cloud folder on WebDAV, which I deleted as well. Then, I linked my main device to WebDAV again, and after that, the sync was functional again. I suspect the problem might have occurred because of my slow internet upload speed, which might have caused the sync file to get corrupted. Thanks a lot for your help!
  3. Hi Garima, I use the following versions of Enpass: on Windows 10 Pro (version 2004, build 19041.572) I use latest Windows Store version; on Android 8.1.0 (an ungoogled version of Android called /e/, see https://e.foundation/) I use version; on an iPod touch (iOS version 12.4.8) I use version 6.5.2. All of them give the same issue, although yesterday one of the Windows devices still synced, but after reconnecting the sync it doesn't any more . I think I did delete the data on the WebDAV account two weeks ago and restored the data from a backup afterwards, but this didn't solve the problem. Thanks for your help, I hope you can figure this out!
  4. Hi Pratyush, I disconnected the sync on all devices and reconnected it. The time on all devices is synced automatically. Unfortunately, I still get the message 907018 and the vault doesn't sync.
  5. Hi, I have the same error message "907018" when trying to sync to a Nextcloud account. It persists even after following the method suggested by @minidev. Any new vault I create gives the same error message.
  6. The Windows 10 Mobile app has a very easy way of finding an item in a list: the list is divided into sections by the letters of the alphabet, and by ticking on any of these letters, the whole alphabet appears and one can easily select the letter one wants and jump right to it. The Windows 10 Persons app has a similar search function. Unfortunately, although the Enpass Store app for Windows 10 does divide the list into sections by means of digits and letters, ticking or clicking on them in doesn't do anything.
  7. Just a small issue: why does Enpass automatically create a desktop shortcut after each update? For some users this may be useful, but to others (like me) this is just a nuisance, as we have to delete the shortcut each time. It would be better to ask before install, for example by providing an option "create desktop shortcut" in the install dialogue box.
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