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  1. The Windows 10 Mobile app has a very easy way of finding an item in a list: the list is divided into sections by the letters of the alphabet, and by ticking on any of these letters, the whole alphabet appears and one can easily select the letter one wants and jump right to it. The Windows 10 Persons app has a similar search function. Unfortunately, although the Enpass Store app for Windows 10 does divide the list into sections by means of digits and letters, ticking or clicking on them in doesn't do anything.
  2. Just a small issue: why does Enpass automatically create a desktop shortcut after each update? For some users this may be useful, but to others (like me) this is just a nuisance, as we have to delete the shortcut each time. It would be better to ask before install, for example by providing an option "create desktop shortcut" in the install dialogue box.
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