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  1. could you, please, add some TAG or other mark to issues that were resolved ? or move feature requests that were done to separate forum folder ?
  2. I think that this would be false security. It is possible to open the vault with SQLCipher outside the Enpass UI and there is no way to implement this self-destruction in such case. Your password has to be strong enough and it would be good if UI would freeze for a minute after eg. 3 wrong attepts.
  3. desktop Enpass I select Export to JSON (or TXT) it will not export trashed (archived ?) items pls. add export setting to include active/archived/trashed items, where default would be only active
  4. desktop Enpass i want type search query to search input box on top I have to use mouse please add shortcut to focus the search input box
  5. I have the same issue related to my password items. When I change password I will not see the "Password history" text on bottom as on your 2. screenshot.
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