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    Password Creation Criteria

    There is a feature in Enpass 6 which lets me exclude certain characters when creating new passwords. This is a great feature so please never take it away from me. What I would like to see is another input box added which would allow me to specify which characters to include when creating a new password. This would make it easy for websites which say do not use these characters and those which say you can only use these characters.
  2. Jezpakani

    Windows Hello is frequently unavailable

    Please fix this I am all for security but my fingerprint should be enough so don't force me to type in my extremely secure and lengthy password.
  3. Jezpakani

    UI broken on HiDPI displays in v6 [NOT SOLVED]

    Yes mine is completely destroyed.
  4. Jezpakani

    UI broken on HiDPI displays in v6 [NOT SOLVED]

    Agreed ... total disaster.