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  1. Shall take a look just moved from Enpass today to Bitwarden £10 a year! but shall take a look at Myki too.
  2. The big red breach message was a shock to see paid £6.99 for first year £19 after. Gutted with the way Enpass has handled things after using this for quite some time as premium. Would have rather paid half price upgrade to Pro with true no more fee upgrades Now looking at 1password and Lastpass for my family to use. Have also seen Lifetime Premium on SocialStack at $25. And also 1/2 years offerings.
  3. Been using Enpass since 2016 ironically with Chrome (Windows) but have recently purchased a Chromebook and slightly gutted the extension doesn't work I hope to be using Enpass to its full capability in the future on Chrome OS.
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