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  1. You have as much time as you want, it's just that after 30 seconds you can request another email in case the first one didn't arrive. Basically the same login process as WhatsApp just with email instead of SMS.
  2. Didn't work for me either. After upgrading the app it says I am "eligible to use the full version of Enpass", but after registration I am still on Enpass Lite.
  3. After upgrading Enpass on Android today I lost my Pro status. I successfully registered an account but it says "Enpass Lite" and only shows 25 items! I tried the same on my Mac and it also says "Enpass Lite" even though it shows all items. How do I restore my Pro status? I did purchase Enpass on both platforms! Please help I really need this to work!
  4. Update: You can enable Firefox Studies in your browser and the problem should be fixed automatically within a few hours (Studies are enabled by default so unless you disabled them everything should happen automatically), or you can click on a link in this Hackernews thread to fix the problem imminently: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=19826903
  5. This is a Firefox bug and it affects all extensions, not just Enpass. > Firefox developers are aware of the situation with AddOns and are working the problem. This is being tracked in bug #1548973.
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