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  1. Thanks for the info, chemengr. Unless I missed it, I'm not aware that Enpass made any effort to notify me this would happen when I upgraded. Not great. Luckily I've managed to reinstall V5 and recover all my passwords onto my laptop. Phew! Thought I was gonna be typing them all across one by one!
  2. I uninstalled my Enpass windows 10 laptop app and deleted the folders on my system because I forgot my master password. Luckily, the master password on my mobile Enpass app was different so I haven't lost all my passwords. Big relief. I've reinstalled the desktop app and chosen a new master password. What I need to know is how to sync between the desktop app and mobile app. I assume you just set it to sync to onedrive but until I get reassurance, I don't want to take the chance that the mobile app will sync to the empty vault of the desktop app thus wiping all my passwords.