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  1. I want to create a vault synced to google drive but I need to get rid of an old vault that was previously synced to the same google drive account that I have stupidly lost the pw for. To clarify, in agonising detail: I previously synced a vault to google drive that I then lost the password for (must have stored it in Enpass primary vault wrong! - Why didn't I use Enpass's automatic 'save new vault pw in primary vault' function?!). In Enpass, I have disconnected this vault from google drive but can’t remove the vault as to do that I need the pw [Update: It was probably just asking for the original primary vault password and I misread. Kicking myself.). When I try and create another vault synced to google drive it asks me for the password to the previous vault I synced to google drive as in the screenshot below. How do I get rid of all trace of the vault previously synced to google drive, without having the password for it, so that I can create a new one synced to that same google drive account? I've tried the following but the only option available for Enpass was to 'Disconnect from Drive' which I did to no avail. Google Drive: Login to drive.google.com. Go to Settings → Manage Apps → Enpass. From the Options menu, choose to Delete hidden app data. Update: Solved itself! Weirdly the password started working again even though it came up with the same message as in the screenshot and I absolutely, 100% used exactly the same password as I was trying previously (copied and pasted from the same source). I'm guessing this was something to do with going through drive.google.com and disconnecting Enpass but can't say for sure. Anyway, I'm mighty chuffed! Another update: Stone me. I've realised that when I tried to remove the vault it was probably asking for the Primary vault master password not the specific vault password. Well, I sure created a lot of hassle for myself... Hope some of this may be useful for others.
  2. Thanks for your help. I already managed to get it working through a lot of trial and error. There was some conflict between the free and pro version of enpass and also between enpass folders stored in different places from different sync or installation attempts. But a bit of trial and error ie moving the vault and sync files into the right place solved it eventually.
  3. Any help would be greatly appreciated. When I try and sync the Android Enpass app to Onedrive the error 'Incorrect master password' appears despite it being the same password I use on the windows desktop version. I managed to sync the desktop version to onedrive successfully.
  4. Thanks for the info, chemengr. Unless I missed it, I'm not aware that Enpass made any effort to notify me this would happen when I upgraded. Not great. Luckily I've managed to reinstall V5 and recover all my passwords onto my laptop. Phew! Thought I was gonna be typing them all across one by one!
  5. I uninstalled my Enpass windows 10 laptop app and deleted the folders on my system because I forgot my master password. Luckily, the master password on my mobile Enpass app was different so I haven't lost all my passwords. Big relief. I've reinstalled the desktop app and chosen a new master password. What I need to know is how to sync between the desktop app and mobile app. I assume you just set it to sync to onedrive but until I get reassurance, I don't want to take the chance that the mobile app will sync to the empty vault of the desktop app thus wiping all my passwords.
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