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  1. Dropbox synch doesn't stop and not works. how can i debug this problems? i use enpass last version.
  2. hi, i'm trying to use TOTPs field but the numbers are wrong or not valid. p.s. i found this url https://www.enpass.io/support/kb/general/does-enpass-support-two-factor-authentication-2fa/ where it say that 2fa isn't supported...where i'm wrong?
  3. osx 10.13.6 chrome last version
  4. i have same problem on chrome. CPU incrase until 50/60% and it's very slow:(
  5. Hi, i'm notice that i can't move an existent tag into another existent. Why this change?
  6. Reserch problem seems to be fixed but autmatic close/reset of current open tab is still present:( p.s. "buy button" fixed
  7. can some one tell me becouse i have always problem to post in this forum? i alwasy get this error: "Forbidden. Browser seems to be spambot." and i have to wati several hours befor post is published.
  8. thanks for beta testing. now application seem to work but the problem of "tag closing" remain: after i click on save button all tabs are closed.
  9. Last version continue to be unstable. what happen? problems incrase:( Last version continue to be unstable. what happen? problems incrase:(
  10. last two updates made the application almost unusable. Now besides problems i mentioned above, there are others: - if i try to search, enpass become slowly and consume about 96% of my cpu and the result come after several time. in other word it is quite impossible to use search function. - if i move elments between tag enpass become slowly and consume too much cpu
  11. i update enpass to last versione 6.0.3 (300) some day ago but problems remain. after saving application reset all open tag:(
  12. hi, i'm on macos 10.13.3 and i use enpass 6.0.2 version. i have this problem: if i try to buy premium version clicking on "buy button" nothing happen, application remains in searching step (apple store is correctly configured to make payment) and after a long time i get an error. (most important) after last update each time i insert the password enpass not reopen on last open element, enpass closew all open gropups (of label) each time i save some element. it is a boring things. does some one has same problems?
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