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  1. Emmitt

    WebDAV sync + restore still broken in 6.0.3

    Sorry, did you give up fixing the error?
  2. Emmitt

    WebDAV sync + restore still broken in 6.0.3

    Hello Anshu Kumar, you still have my test-data - so we still co-operate... But where are you? Greetz
  3. Emmitt

    WebDAV sync + restore still broken in 6.0.3

    My experience with 6.04: Creating a safe with Mac OSX and pushing it to a Webdav Server works fine! Restore with 6.04 on iOS via Webdav doesn‘t work! "Could not connect to specified WebDAV folder. Check your username and password" I feel also like a Beta Tester...
  4. Emmitt

    Webdav - error code 908401

    I can't see any improvements in 6.03 and I had share a demo account since version 6.01!! I can't understand why I should send data when the devs doesn't solve the problem...
  5. Emmitt

    WebDAV sync + restore still broken in 6.0.3

    Same here. Since 6.03 Enpass doesn't connect to my OpenXchange Account. "Wrong username or password" But this is not true: Other apps works like a charm with the same account-data. How long does it takes to fix Webdav issues?
  6. Emmitt

    Webdav Restore not working (latest w/ iOS)

    Webdav seems to be broken - again: What I have done:Install the new app on my iPhone (6.02) and sync with Webdav. All data from my Desktop-App appears on iPhone. Then I create a new Login-Key in enpass (Desktop) and sync. This entry appears on my iPhone Delete this entry on my Mac and Sync. Unfortunately this Login-Key still exist on my iPhone. Create a new Login-Key on my iPhone and sync. This entry doesn't appear on my macAll new entries on the mac do not appear on the iphone and vice versa.