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  1. Emmitt


    Problem solved with 6.9.3! Thanks!!!
  2. Emmitt


    Items 168, Vaults 1, Items 15
  3. Emmitt


    Thanks. I have sent you a mail (monday)…
  4. Emmitt


    When I scroll in the app it jerks/flickers terrible. iPhone 14 Pro (120 Hz) - Enpass 6.9.2
  5. Emmitt

    Sync doesn't work

    Enpass has no WebDAV functionality anymore! Months ago I sent you access data for my test account. But nothing happened! There has never been a file created on my system!
  6. Emmitt

    Sync doesn't work

    Again: Please use my test account!! I can't recognize any contact from your devs on my test-account!!
  7. When will there be a solution? Since 6.0.1 WebDAV doesn't work anymore. It is definitely broken on MacOS and on iOS!! Again: Please use my test account!! I can't recognize any contact from your devs on my test-account!!
  8. Emmitt

    Sync doesn't work

    WebDAV is still broken! Please check this with my test account I sent you the data weeks ago.
  9. Emmitt

    Sync doesn't work

    Hello Anshu kumar. Could you please read your personal message? It‘s still unread..
  10. Emmitt

    Sync doesn't work

    Hey @Anshu kumar, I have sent you my data AGAIN via message. I would be very happy if you could solve the mistake this time! If your developers could make a connection, then I have to see that (vault.enpassdbsync in my WebDAV account). But it would be nice if a corresponding answer appears here after your tests.
  11. Emmitt

    Sync doesn't work

    What‘s the problem Sinew Software Systems? WebDAV is still broken on MacOS and iOS!
  12. Beta 6.0.6 (Desktop) changelog: „Fixed the synchronization for various WebDAV configurations.„ ?? But the problem exist on iOS-Devices...!!
  13. Sorry, did you give up fixing the error?
  14. Hello Anshu Kumar, you still have my test-data - so we still co-operate... But where are you? Greetz
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