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  1. @Gulshan Dogra thanks for the quick reply. The thing is I want to avoid having to reach for the mouse. Thats the whole point of the global system hotkey.
  2. When using the global system shortcut to bring up the assistant and copy a password (or username or whatever), it would be nice to have the option to auto hide the enpass window. This way you can quickly lookup a password for use within an application (e.g. iterm). It would be great to have this as a configuration option.
  3. Updated to 6.0.4 today (Mac OSX). Searching in my database takes between 12-17s. In that form its totally unusable. I cannot get a coffee, every time I try and search for a login.
  4. since the last update from 6.0.0 to 6.0.3 I experience very slow response to searching in the main app. I have 1819 elements in my database and when I search in the searchbox, it takes approx 5-10s for the results to appear. Also, using the browser plugin for firefox seems to have similar issues where it pops up the window but then (in case it doesnt auto present the correct entry) searching also seems to beachball for the same amount of time. While 6.0.0 had other problems, this wasnt among them. IMHO this was introduced with 6.0.3.
  5. can we get a time estimate on when it will be available? Makes it pretty much unusable for firefox.
  6. This menu is not available when launched via the global hotkey. Also the fact that sometimes the username is stored as username, sometimes as email, and sometimes as simple webform field doesn't make this approach entirely reliable and useful.
  7. I am generally missing documentation about available keyboard shortcuts. I would also be interested in keyboard navigation just like 1P supports, this way you can copy a specific form field via keyboard alone.
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