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  1. I have noticed a new behaviour on my desktop PC. Full Windows Hello now works on the same PC on one user account and not on another. That means the missing functionality on the other account can not be hardware related.
  2. I use enpass on 3 computers, one with Infineon TMP-Module, one Surface 7 (Intel 10th Generation CPU TPM) and one with Intel 7th Generation CPU TPM. None of them provides this "full windows hello" support. This function seems to be a myth.
  3. I also have this problem on Surface Pro 7. After restart of Windows the Camera is switched on, but Windows Hello doesn´t show up. Enpass displays the screen Volkx showed two posts above. It takes a minute or two until the camera switches off. Then I can open enpass again with windows hello.
  4. I also subscribe to this feature request because I upgraded my PC with a TPM only for that reason.
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