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  1. Is the database with the passwords deleted when uninstalling the Store version, or does it remain?
  2. I can't get my passwords since yesterday. Why doesn't the support answer how long the problem will last? Why doesn't the support write an easy to understand step-by-step guide how to work around this problem without deleting the database with the passwords when uninstalling the store version? Guys, this is an extremely important password tool, there can be a lot of money involved. I expect fast, communicative and capable support? Where is it? t's a shame how they treat their paying customers here.
  3. The Software tell me that I have the newest version. 6.6.3 (834). There is no Update available.
  4. Same Problem here. Here is our thread: But still no answer from the support.
  5. I also got no answer. Since today, I am testing 1Password. Just in case. I absolutely need a very robust Password Manager with quick and good support.
  6. Luckily, I found out, that I can open Enpass via the Browser Extension. So at least I have Access to my Passwords again.
  7. Well done. I have also mailed the support. This is horrible, I never thought this could happen. I had no serious problems the last years and now BOOOM, no access to y passwords. I hope Enpass have a good support and get this problem solved ASAP.
  8. Maybe change the title of this Thread to something more drastic, so the staff knows, that this is a serious problem. I mean I can not use it anymore and have no access to all of my passwords.
  9. Why does that happen? I did not make any changes at all. Please solve this Problem asap, because I can not use Enpass anymore!
  10. Since Yesterday, I have the same problem, (win 10) Can not start Enpass anymore. Running as administrator also does not work for me. HELPPPPP!!! What is happen? My whole digital life is in there, I need it! I can not work without my passwords!
  11. Hi, I was happy with Version 5, because with that version, i was able to login to my wordpress sites. With the new Version 6, that doesn´t work anymore. If i click on the entry, then it fills out the login form and send it, but then noting happens. It does not log in, and give me the empty login screen again. So i have to copy the login data manually. Why does this don´t work anymore?
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