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  1. Same issue here: iPhone 13 Pro Max iOS 16.2 Enpass 6.8.6 (684) I’m open for (beta) testing. Feel free to invite me via TestFlight.
  2. Still the same error on 6.8.4, w/ iOS 16.0.2. I also tried to create a new item, but still the “no information…” thingy in the browsers.
  3. This is impressive and amazing to read, especially if you're a developer and you know exactly how much effort it takes to prevent such memory leaks. Developing UI controls from scratch and skipping on stock / framework UI controls to ensure security is quite a thing. Thanks!
  4. I recently moved from 1Password to Enpass. I love it so far, but the modification of the webform mappings would be really awesome, especially removing them :/
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