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  1. The biggest problem I have is that cross-syncing is broken. This also wasn't very clearly stated at any time. My phone is set to automatically update apps. I've never had to worry that a lifetime license would suddenly expire previously so I didn't bother to make sure I always check every app update on my phone that it won't break my apps on other platforms.
  2. Not if you want to keep cross-platform capability, which was a feature of the lifetime license. Android Enpass v6 *cannot* sync with UWP Windows v5. The UWP app becomes unsyncable with any other platform if it's v6. This is not mentioned and therefore once Android updates, the ability to go back one version is gone. So your "simple" fix is simply not true by any stretch.
  3. My problem is I paid $10 for Android and $10 for Windows in the past. Now, with version 6, the $10 lifetime license I purchased for Windows will no longer work with the Android version. They broke the product I purchased. So, honestly, this would be a *second* payment of $10 for an application from the Windows store. You can't guarantee its a *one* time payment since this is already untrue. If you're willing to give money to people simply because they ask you for it and haven't earned it, that's your own problem, but it doesn't mean you can lecture other people about how they should give out money for free.
  4. No, do not feel free. If you are using the pro UWP app, if you upgrade your mobile app, they will no longer sync together. It is very important that if you want to keep using UWP, *none* of your other platforms can move to version 6, otherwise it breaks the UWP app.
  5. I paid for the UWP on Windows. I paid for the app on Android. The Android app updated and made the UWP app unusable as it can't sync with version 6. I am now forced to use version 6 on Windows *or* not use it on Android at all. So now I have to purchase it yet again? Even though the syncing mechanism forces you to upgrade if you want to be cross-platform? That's bullshit. I don't care if people have to send you emails and you generate keys for them or something to redeem on the store. Lifetime license means it should be able to use all features for a lifetime. You *broke* its ability to sync. You made version 5 unusable by *not* putting both version 5 and 6 on Android. You can call it a limitation of the store platform, but *you're* the one who made the promise of a lifetime license. You took that risk to make that promise. When someone else gets in the way, sorry if you have to suddenly do a bit of extra work to keep a promise. But that's how fucking contracts work. You gave me a lifetime license for all features. You broke a feature. I want my money back then.
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