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  1. This is still unfixed. It's not possible to connect to some Nextcloud Servers ("Could not connect to specified Nextcloud server", no browser window appears) until the "Bypass SSL certificate verification" option is checked (what is no option). The Nextcloud Server uses a valid DigiCert Certificate an it works well with the portable Windows Version of Enpass.
  2. Same here. Enpass is gone regularly after waking up from standby. Enpass 6.7.3 (888) from App Store MacOS Big Sur, 11.6 (x86-64)
  3. After installing todays update to 6.0.4 (304) the safari extension have stopped working. The enpass button is still in the toolbar but clicking of it have no effect. Re-enabling the extension does not help, even. Enpass 6.0.4 (304) Safari 12.0.3 (14606.4.5) MacOS 10.14.3
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