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  1. Hi @Anshu kumar, thank you for your reply and sorry for answering this late, but I felt like this topic was being ignored after not receiving a single reply for well over a week, so I lost interest in checking back. Thankfully I was able to ditch WebDAV-sync for folder sync and using my own synchronization infrastructure after folder sync was integrated into the Enpass Android App. Still for anyone relying on WebDAV-sync this is a major problem and I appreciate that you raised it's priority in your issue tracker. I look forward to seeing it fixed in an upcoming version.
  2. Hi, just a guess, but when you installed nextcloud, did you perhaps configure it using http://localhost/nextcloud, instead of http://<your-internal-server>/nextcloud? nextcloud (and also ownCloud) has a security feature where you can only access it from URLs that have been previously approved by the nextcloud administrator. So if you configured it using http://localhost/nextcloud, you need to surf to http://<your-internal-server>/nextcloud and enable that URL before nextcloud will accept connections to http://<your-internal-server>/nextcloud. Also you should really use https and not http to connect to that nextcloud, even if you only use a self-signed certificate, to not send your nextcloud credentials readable for everyone on your internal network. Refer to this part of the nextcloud documentation for more info on trusted domains: https://docs.nextcloud.com/server/10/admin_manual/installation/installation_wizard.html#trusted-domains-label
  3. Hello, don't really know where to post this, but "Data Security" seems kind of fitting. I recently set up Enpass on my devices to synchronize via a nextcloud-server running on my desktop computer. In doing that, I realized I didn't receive a certificate warning on any of my devices when setting up the synchronization, even though the server is clearly using a self-signed certificate. I'd really appreciate it if I received a warning when setting up synchronization with a server using a self-signed certificate, and maybe even enable some sort of certificate pinning, to make sure my data doesn't end up on another WebDAV server, which happens to be accessible with the same URL and just is configured to store all data from incoming connections, regardless of matching credentials. (A malicious person could do that) Using Enpass 5.3.0 on Linux and Mac, and Enpass 5.4.3 on Android
  4. Unfortunately that does not work. Enpass settings are set to CTRL+\ (as in they show CTRL+\), when I'm pressing CTRL+# on my German keyboard (which if I understand you correctly should be recognized as CTRL+\), the extension does not activate. The screenshot attached shows the keyboard layout I'm using. If you say, the extension captures "what keys are pressed", are you talking about keycodes? According to showkey, the keys pressed for CTRL+# (on German keyboard) are: keycode 29 - CTRL keycode 43 - # I hope this information might help to figure out, why CTRL+\ will not work on a German keyboard layout.
  5. Hi, can we have an option like on Linux (and presumably Windows) to start the app with the system but only minimized on macOS aswell? It's rather annoying when my OS comes up and the first thing it does is opening an Enpass window that takes up the whole screen. Seeing that you have implemented this on other systems I think it would be doable on macOS aswell. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi, same issue here, but a little more complicated setup: I use a Linux Mint 18 machine, with a German Macintosh keyboard layout, and Chrome as my browser. I have had the same problem on macOS 10.12 also with a German Macintosh keyboard and Chrome. From my testing it seems, that the browser plugin always detects US International keyboard layouts, so if you define your keyboard shortcut to be CTRL+# (which is located on the key directly right of the Ä-key), you'd have to press CTRL+SHIFT+3 instead. One combination that works, because the keys are the same is CTRL+, . Please try to detect the correct keyboard layout from the browser plugin as well, as the main application already does. Sorry, forgot to mention: Using Enpass 5.3.0
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