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    Google drive sync in Linux Firefox not working

    I have the same issue where - it syncs when on admin account - but on "user account" it refuses to recognize my master p/w Lubutu 18.10 Thanks ML
  2. MLevi

    Restore works as Admin. Crash as User

    Anshu I still experience the same problem - even after the latest update. I even tried to restore from backups on my local storage. On both occasions (gdrive & local storage) it refuses to recognize my data p/w. what is the status, please? - otherwise, I will have no choice but to drop enpass & use LastPass. thanks
  3. MLevi

    Restore works as Admin. Crash as User

    I already sent the crash report under my s/n thanks Anshu
  4. Lubuntu 18.10 / Windows 10 Enpass 6.04 I am trying to restore my data from the Gdrive where data is sync'd to. While on both systems - Windows 10 & Lubuntu/admin restore went flawlessly. However, I get "Incorrect Password" message then it crashes when I try to restore on my User account. What am I doing wrong?