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  1. I would suggest go to Gdrive where enpass is stored and examine its exact location - then match it on the App itself. setting/Vaults/Primary/synchronize (pointing to Google drive).
  2. ************************SOLVED******************************** My problem was that, I installed enpass on the root (Admin) account, and tried to use it on the user account. Obviously with limited privileges & administrative permission it did not work. I solve the problem with uninstalling the enpass from the admin & re-installed it on the User account.
  3. Anshu thanks for the support. it worked. In regards my earlier problem with syn with Gdrive. I should have installed the enpass on the "User" account - instead the "Admin" one which I did. ( I always create a "User" account" where I do all my activities) The very reason the sync worked on one account and not the other. Best to install enpass with the working (user) account instead of Admin (root)
  4. I believe my sync problem on Gdrive is due to two Primary vaults with different names stored on my Gdrive File A for Windows system & File B for Linux drive. I like to merge them into one account so any changes on one computer - automatically will synchronize on another computer. Any suggestion, please.?
  5. Not exactly. On my Windows machine, sync & backup do work. It is only on my Lubuntu 19.04 Laptop in which the gdive sync does not work - the back up does work. It seems we both experience the same issue with Linux - no sync with gdrive (I get "error code: 0" )
  6. You probably will have to reinstall the Linux. In my case, I just updated manually on both systems (Lubuntu & Windows 10) new passwords until the issue of sync with gdrive on my Lubuntu LT is resolved. btw. have you tried to restore your enpass data from the backup file on the Laptop? - because that's the way I was able to restore mine
  7. One important & unrelated question please: HOW DO YOU DELETE A POST? I don't seem to be able to remove a post which was posted by mistake.
  8. After clean re-Install (vs. mere upgrade from 18.10 to 19.04) recovery from local drive went smooth. However, on User-Account, I get the error -0 when trying to sync with Gdrive.
  9. Your problem may be due to the Upgrade. Try a fresh install of 19.04. It worked for me.
  10. I had the same problem with sync on Gdrive. The problem to which I found out, this error may happen if you merely UPGRADED from previous version. Here is how I solved my problem I backed up my entire "home" drive onto a flash drive. Then fresh installed ubuntu (19.04). Restored the home drive. Installed enpass(Linux) per instructions here: https://www.enpass.io/support/how-to-install-enpass-on-linux/ logged-in to my user account, and opened enpass - using my master password. Enpass automatically searched the latest data and loaded it w/o a hitch. On Gdrive sync I get "error 0" which I am sure can be resolved.
  11. Anshu, I did follow your advice and went to Admin Account (where enpass works) and changed the location of Data Vault to the one on "User Account". while on Admin, I opened the enpass and sure it accepts my Master P/W with no problem. ( I never do my usual work on Admin account - only on Seperae User one.) BUT when I logout of Admin & login to my "User" account then try to sync data from Gdrive - enpass simply does not recognize my Mater P/W. On ver 5 it worked fine - only since I upgraded to 6.0 What am I doing wrong, It is really frustrating. thanks for your help
  12. "Default Location" I gather you mean on the User Account or Admin?. Since on user I can't open it on I will try it on Admin I will try and will report back thanks
  13. I am running version I already have sent you crash report under my s/n. Hope you will find the problem and fix it On admin account, it syncs flawlessly with Gdrive. But on User one, it refuses to accept my enpass password. I un-installed the s/w while on Admin & re-installed it on User Account (using Synaptic Package Manager - all to no avail It's frustrating
  14. I Still can't restore with "User" account - even from Data backup from the file on my laptop. I get the reply "something went wrong error -1". you should have my previous crash reports. Nonetheless, I will send my crash report when I see it. The only way to restore for me is to log out of User account and log in into "Admin" and do it there. Note: I have not updated from Beta version - waiting for the final release
  15. It looks like a bug in the 6.1 version because it did work flawlessly with 5.0 version. Let's hope the upcoming release will solve it once for all
  16. Nop no go. I have the same problem. I tried your suggestion & got same results as with Firefox. On "user Account" enpass does not recognize the master password - while as an Administrator it does with flawless sync.
  17. Lubuntu 18.10 Dell Inspiron 3180 Does the new version solve the problem with data restore on the User Account?
  18. When is the next update is due.? Where the helll support? nowhwere to be found.
  19. This problem still persists. any news on this regard? Where is the support, please?
  20. It would have been more helpful if you could post a step-by-step illustrating how you did it. Since ver 6.0 I am having a hard time opening & syncing my data on the "User" side (with "standard" authorizations - though it works flawlessly within Administrative mode.
  21. I have the same issue where - it syncs when on admin account - but on "user account" it refuses to recognize my master p/w Lubutu 18.10 Thanks ML
  22. Anshu I still experience the same problem - even after the latest update. I even tried to restore from backups on my local storage. On both occasions (gdrive & local storage) it refuses to recognize my data p/w. what is the status, please? - otherwise, I will have no choice but to drop enpass & use LastPass. thanks
  23. I already sent the crash report under my s/n thanks Anshu
  24. Lubuntu 18.10 / Windows 10 Enpass 6.04 I am trying to restore my data from the Gdrive where data is sync'd to. While on both systems - Windows 10 & Lubuntu/admin restore went flawlessly. However, I get "Incorrect Password" message then it crashes when I try to restore on my User account. What am I doing wrong?
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