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  1. The latest release of macOS Big Sur introduces a new overall design, and specifically changed the entire app icons set. Every day, more and more third-party app developers are updating their app to support the latest features of macOS Big Sur, like Widgets or Apple Silicon support. But a very basic and simple change that would dramatically improve the way Enpass looks is if its icon was updated to match the new design. Since all app icons are basically now square with rounded corners, the very classic circle of Enpass looks quite odd in the new application bar. Could the Enpass macOS app icon be updated to match the new design of macOS Big Sur?
  2. Hi, EnPass 6.4.1 (642) macOS Catalina (10.15.4) on the 2018 MacBook Pro Hope it will help
  3. When I open Enpass for the first time, the window appears and it works as expected. Once I close the window (I mean clic on the Red Cross in the topbar), the window disappears, but as soon as I want it back, I clic the icon in my MacOS dock, but it does nothing. In every single other program, it just reopens the window. But here it does nothing. To be able to get back the Enpass window, I have to kill the process and relaunch it from scratch. Considering Enpass is an app I am constantly using, it is becoming super annoying to have to kill the process everytime I close this damn window. Am I the only one having the issue ? And for the dev team, I would very gladly provide any info that I can. If you need logs or details on specs, don't hesitate to reach out.
  4. I also got the Enpass v6.1, but can't see any favicon option here...
  5. Hello, Do you have any date to communicate for the v6.1 ?
  6. Hi, I have been using Enpass for a couple mounth now, after buying the Premium version which is very good. However, I am a bit of a design nerd, and I was quite sad to see that the icon system was not so good, and it seems that I am not the only one: Only a few icons are available by default. Some icons are quite outdated (see the Netflix one). Adding custom icons is long and buggy (the icons size is very messy). We cannot remove custom icons (after trying to add the same icon in various sizes, I got it in almost ten version and found no option to remove them). That is why I have been thinking about the following features, that I think could be good looking and more userfriendly: When new credentials are added, if the field URL is filled, try to catch the favicon and use it as an icon. If the website does not have a favicon, or the URL is not given, just leave the icon empty as it does currently. Added a little "refresh" button when editing a credential, which tries to catch the latest favicon (if the icon was a favicon) For the custom icons, just resize them to the size of the icon displayer. Adding a little cross on our custom icons (so that we can remove them easily) This requires that custom icons ALWAYS have the priority over favicons. I think this is not a huge feature, but it is the kind of details that improves the user experience, even a little (and that design nerdy, like me, will enjoy A LOT). Thanks for reading this!
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