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  1. I have the exact same issue as Marco. Pressing the Alt key should not show passwords by default. I am frankly a bit surprised that a password manager would make displaying passwords such an easy action: shouldn't it be "Security first" ? It's perfectly fine if some users are ok with it and can make it possible via an opt-in setting though. But many people use Alt + Tab to switch between applications, so some corresponding tests should be part of the tests performed on Enpass when adding new features. By the way, this issue does not occur on Windows 10, only on Ubuntu as far as I know.
  2. Hello, Anshu kumar, you are telling the team is working on the issue, but abhibeckert also asked about what is required for auto-submit to be triggered. I am also wondering because I would say that for a good 30% of the websites I use enpass with, enpass fails to actually trigger a click on the login button. It does not seem to be detecting the html markup type="submit", which would be the no-brainer solution. I do not doubt there are many situations to handle, but the opacity of this behavior is not very handy for users or developers. So, what is the criteria for enpass be able to click ? Also, bonus same question for the login and password fields. This should be in the FAQ in my opinion. Thanks.
  3. I would also be very interested in this feature. Why not allowing markdown for example ?
  4. Hello, In the browser section of the windows 10 client, I checked the option : "Autofill details without showing Enpass Assistant". It works in most cases but there is one particular situation where it does not. When I first open up my computer, launch firefox and go to trello's login page, I obviously have to unlock enpass for the first time via the assistant so that it fills in the details. When I do, the extension shows up (so I can fill my main password in) but it remains open with the single entry I have for trello, even though I checked the option. It should hide itself just after unlocking and autofill. Please note that it's a one shot issue : it will not occur before next reboot it seems. Edit: as xarekate mentionned, this can be reproduced every time Enpass being completely restarted. Same issue with Chrome extension. Client version 6.0.6
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