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  1. I would also be very interested in this feature. Why not allowing markdown for example ?
  2. Hello, In the browser section of the windows 10 client, I checked the option : "Autofill details without showing Enpass Assistant". It works in most cases but there is one particular situation where it does not. When I first open up my computer, launch firefox and go to trello's login page, I obviously have to unlock enpass for the first time via the assistant so that it fills in the details. When I do, the extension shows up (so I can fill my main password in) but it remains open with the single entry I have for trello, even though I checked the option. It should hide itself just after unlocking and autofill. Please note that it's a one shot issue : it will not occur before next reboot it seems. Edit: as xarekate mentionned, this can be reproduced every time Enpass being completely restarted. Same issue with Chrome extension. Client version 6.0.6
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