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  1. There is another way which helps. Download the BlackBerry keyboard app, and use that instead of the default keyboard. It has a nifty feature where it stores the last few copied texts, and from the icon on the keyboard, it lists the few recent clips. From there all you need to do is before you start a new record, or edit an existing one, then when you need to remember a tag, just hit the clipboard icon above the keyboard, select the text you copied, and it will paste the text into the field. Of course you have to make sure the place you want to paste it to is selected. I'm not s
  2. Excellent idea. I was trying to find some information about what the requirements are for adding a decent icon, and I came across this post at the top of the list. I used to use Roboform, and some aspects I still like, but on my Samsung Galaxy S8+, it slows the whole phone down, as it's a resource hog. But one feature that I think they got right is the way it captures the favicon from the website that it's saving the log in details from. I think Enpass could check Roboform's way of doing things, and considering trying something similar. Ok, Roboform doesn't have a icon stor
  3. G'day, I have been having similar problems. I have tried multiple methods to get this all to work, but i am at a loss at how to make it work. I am happy to say that i can import Identities, and Safe Notes, but i can't import Logins. I am running the latest of everything (as of right now), Windows 10 Professional, Enpass, and Roboform. I have tried multiple methods, and even tried editing the htm file, but nothing. I have tried exporting from Roboform, using the HTML, and CSV file options, but no joy. These methods would result in no data being imported with the same er
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