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  1. I was able to resolve this by checking "Disconnect" rather than "Re-authenticate" and then select "iCloud" as the syncing platform.  This is the first time "Re-authenticate" did not work.  Maybe it only works so many times.  I've done it several dozen so I don't know what the actual limit is.

  2. I've been waiting for this too...and I'm sure when it's available it'll be great.  Enpass is truly a user driven utility application.  The developers "actually" do their best to make the product the end user wants.  When bugs are found and reported, they're squashed quickly with an update.  I went from KeyPass to Enpass and never looked back.  Best $10 I've spent on an app, and I do my best to promote Enpass for both its quality app and developers.  Just wanted to express my appreciation as an end user.  Thanks!

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