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  1. EWMiller

    Search is no longer universal

    Just to add to this, I don't need the ability to search passwords, but please set a default for all other fields, or allow the end user to make that functionality happen via a setting. Thank you.
  2. EWMiller

    Search is no longer universal

    I have this same complaint. Search should be everything. It's nice to have an option I suppose, but I would just like it to search everything; title, fields and definitely usernames. I believe this behavior (search everything by default) was present in Enpass 5.
  3. EWMiller

    Open multiple vaults

    I've been waiting for this too...and I'm sure when it's available it'll be great. Enpass is truly a user driven utility application. The developers "actually" do their best to make the product the end user wants. When bugs are found and reported, they're squashed quickly with an update. I went from KeyPass to Enpass and never looked back. Best $10 I've spent on an app, and I do my best to promote Enpass for both its quality app and developers. Just wanted to express my appreciation as an end user. Thanks!
  4. EWMiller

    Open multiple vaults

    +1 for multiple vaults. Extremely important to have separate vaults for personal and business.