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  1. I've been using Enpass all day today, yesterday, and every day. Yet Enpass again gave me this "Session expired" message. Can someone please tell me how to turn this feature off?
  2. Hello, recently I've been randomly getting a "session expired" message when opening Enpass, even when I've been actively using it recently. I would like to opt out of this feature entirely, as I'm happy with just using my strong password. I can't find the setting to remove this when searching through the settings of Enpass for Windows. Can you please let me know how to disable this? Thank you.
  3. Enpass Android app hangs and crashes when I try to disconnect from Wifi-Sync and/or change sync method. I've force quit the app several times but it always hangs and then crashes whenever I try to change the sync. I wanted to attached a screen recording of it but Enpass doesn't seem to allow recording.
  4. Hi, sorry for the late reply, I didn't see your message until now. I went to check my Enpass version number and noticed there's an update available, and after I updated, the issue with the password field is fixed. I'm not sure how far behind my version was but it's good to see it's fixed now. You can close this case, thank you.
  5. The password field is missing a couple pixels from the top of the letters. See screenshot below:
  6. Does enabling the password generator's "Ambiguous Characters" toggle allow ambiguous characters or disallow ambiguous characters? I believe this toggle should be better labeled so as to prevent confusion. Thanks.
  7. Enpass is crashing on startup as of today. After touching my fingerprint, the screen briefly flashes "Automatic password checkup" and then it crashes. Enpass v Oneplus 7T on Android 11.
  8. Thanks, I rebooted my computer and it works again. The error page that comes up does not provide any solutions and it makes it sound like something is now permanently broken. It just says to email tech support. It would be useful for the error 403 page to tell the user to try the steps above to save them and you a lot of time. Thanks.
  9. I'm suddenly getting Error 403 when trying to use the browser extension in Google Chrome, latest version 101.0.4951.41. I haven't changed any setting or done anything with my browser between when it worked and now. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the browser extension from the chrome web store and no change. What's going on? What do I have to do to get the extension working again? Thanks for your help
  10. I think that you're misunderstanding your demographic when you say this. There are dozens of password managers for consumers to choose from. Why do some of us choose Enpass? Because it's the only one that gives users control. Enpass is for people who know what they're doing and want control over their digital work. When you add features to the software that nanny and nag your users like this, you're taking away your users control and treating them like people who don't know what they're doing. But it's especially bad when you force these features with no option to turn them off entirely. Please remember the place of Enpass in the vast market of password managers. Please don't make forced features choices that will drive your most dedicated users away. Also, if (for whatever reason) you're going to continue to insist on forcing these password notice messages on us, perhaps you could change the style so it's not so jarring and annoying? Instead of a huge bright banner, maybe it could just be a small icon somewhere in the entry? When the user hovers their mouse over the icon, it shows shows a tooltip that this password isn't strong. This design would make it at least more tolerable.
  11. Can we please have the option to disable the password audits entirely? I'm not going to spend hours to do this on all my 600 passwords. Why do you not give your users the option? Enpass didn't have this feature before, and we enjoyed the service very much. Then suddenly all this audit stuff was thrown at us, without anyone asking for it. Can we please have the option to turn off audits messages entirely?
  12. Earlier this year, an audit feature was added to Enpass that plastered bright yellow and red messages on every screen of the app and in every individual login entry. In this forum, we asked for an option to turn this off. I know that in the View menu you can turn off "Audit" and "Audit Old Passwords" and "Audit Dashboard", but this does not affect the big banner that appears in individual login entries. Is there a setting anywhere to turn off the audits inside the entries?
  13. Thanks, I was looking in the Settings, not the menu. I've unchecked "Audi", "Audit old passwords", and "Audit Dashboard". I don't know what the difference between "Audit" and "Audit Dashboard" is; it should probably be clarified. I'm still seeing the bright "Weak Password" banner when I click on some of my entries. Please give us an app-wide option to disable this function. Like I said before, some of know what we're doing with our passwords and don't want to be monitored and told what to do.
  14. I came to this forum today because of this issue. I just updated Enpass and I'm dismayed to see this Audit screen and password warnings that I can't get rid of. I don't see any "View" section in the Settings menu, so I have no idea how I'm supposed to turn it off. I love Enpass, please don't ruin it by adding features that can annoy users and can't even be turned off. I really don't want to have to manually edit every entry to remove them from the password audit banner. Can we please have the option of getting rid of audit banner altogether? Some of us know what we're doing with our passwords and don't need Enpass's help with password strength. Some of my passwords are for local networking things that only need very simple passwords by nature. I just don't need Enpass to baby me about it. Please give us the option to turn off all audit related features. And please keep up the great work with Enpass, it's the absolute greatest password manager for people who want to manage their own passwords! I really appreciate the fantastic work you guys have done with this set of apps.
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