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  1. Enpass is supposed to be the "offline" alternative password manager, yet all the options for syncing are *online*, via cloud services. I really hope Enpass gets full network folder syncing support, for those of us who want real offline password management.
  2. So there's no ability to network-sync Enpass on Android?
  3. I'm trying to sync between my PC and Android phone, using my local network. Can someone let me know how to set up sync to a network folder on Android? Thanks.
  4. This is very disappointing. Why would you remove such a useful feature that we rely on? I regularly restore my passwords from my PC to my phone every couple weeks, because I manage my passwords on my PC. By the way, you guys had promised to add the ability to sync between phone and PC for a long time now, but that feature never came. It seems you guys are really pushing everyone to sync in the cloud, but the very reason many of us use Enpass is because we don't want our passwords on any cloud; we want our passwords to remain offline and managed only locally between our devices. Please support your offline users! We're your most dedicated fanbase, because we recognized Enpass as the only manager that truly puts the user in control, and the best part of that control is keeping our passwords offline.
  5. Can anyone from Enpass please respond?
  6. In the Android app, I can no longer find the option to restore from a backup file. Can anyone tell me where it is? There even used to be a "restore over wifi" service. But I can find no options to restore now. The closest option I can find is "Erase everything", but this will also wipe all settings. I just want to restore a backup file.
  7. +1 Agreed. Or, just have an option in settings that brings back the old search.
  8. Just to reiterate, I find it quite a downgrade that the new update doesn't let us search everything, and now we have to choose the type of search we want to do. I don't think anyone likes having their search limited like this. I really hope the Enpass devs reconsider this change.
  9. In the new Enpass (6.0.0) for Windows, search is no longer universal--I can't just search for a field or password. Now we have to manually select "Title", "Field", or "Passwords" before searching. Why has the useful functionality of universal search been downgraded? By the way, I have "Search in all items" checked in settings, but that doesn't seem to change anything.
  10. Most websites nowadays allow you to sign up and login with your Google or Facebook account. As it stands, Enpass has no solution for this; my only workaround is to put a note for myself in Enpass that I should login with Google. But this option is a bit cumbersome, as I have to open up Enpass desktop in order to add the note field. Can Enpass please have options for "Login with..."?
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