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  1. Hi, I did some tests with another computer using Enpass and Firefox. It works OK! So it is definitely the Firefox version installed on my usual PC. Before reinstalling it, I look for some ways to keep my various data stored with Firefox. Best regards.
  2. I'm using Enpass on a PC using Windows 10 with the latest update (1909). Firefox version is 72.0.2 (64 bits). Enpass 6.3.3. I don't use any extension. Antivirus is Windows Defender
  3. Hello. From some weeks now, I cannot open any URL in Enpass (6.3.3), when Firefox is set as the default Web browser. PC with Windows 10. It works when changing the default to Google Chrome. So, that problem seems related to Firefox. The Firefox clean operation didn't change anything. Is this case known ? Thanks for your help.
  4. The same for me. I thought that something was wrong on my PC. But, this behavior is not really annoying.
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