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  1. as an intermediate workaround i suggest to provide all recent versions of enpass for download to make all (mac) users able to choose the last working version for their particular OS version. especially all users who get their enpass app via apple app store usually haven't a saved download available.
  2. so it's the 2nd program i use suffering from backward incompatibility of the recent Qt version with mac os x 10.11.6. as i'm not the only one blocked from updating my mac to 10.12+ by older, but still great performing specific hardware aka mac pro (cheesegrater). this is important especially for professional mac pro users on pre black trashcan machines. it would be a great opportunity to show loyalty to such customers by preserving backward compatibility of older enpass versions based on older qt versions to keep them aboard of the enpass ecosystem.
  3. just tried to start EP manually and after about 15 min it suddenly pops up and works. ..... maybe it's waiting for something happening in the background? webdav sync shouldn't be suspicious for that as it's up and running shortly after boot.
  4. i'd one single successfull enpass launch after applying your terminal command above. unfortunately this wasn't repeatable :-( i have two hang reports for you (please use the URL in the screenshots attached as i'm not allowed to post txt or zip files and as my webdav URls are seen as offending by your system) one report is made after the 1st reboot after applying the term cmd and another 2nd one after re-applying the term cmd. hope this helps to dive deeper into this issue.
  5. unfortunately this didn't help either :-(
  6. hi vikram, thanks a lot for your efforts! i tried this and the command seems to be incomplete as the result shows: Usage: launchctl setenv < <key> <value>, ... > obviously launchctl needs some more ... so nothing improved so far ...
  7. i'm using EP 6.0.6 on two macs with el cap (10.11.6). on the mac pro everything works fine. on the notebook (macbook pro) EP launches on login/startup, but needs either 5-15 min to launch or stays freezed and can only force-quitted. sometimes a restart of the machine helps. a completely new install didn't help. trying to launch EP via browser extension (firefox, safari) leads to the "seek for EP" page (error-static.html) while EP still shows up in the dock and is (strangely) followed by a 2nd EP icon occuring in the dock launching into to a obviously freezed 2nd instance fo EP. synced with an own nextcloud installation via webdav, which works flawlessly with 2 ios devices and a 3rd mac. here are the error reports after force quit of both instances: http://data.pblog.at/index.php/s/jJWFJkmDQdpn4TJ any help is highly appreciated!
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