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  1. Hi, I just reinstalled enpass on Linux (Kubuntu). I want enpass to use the saved passwords that I stored in Google Drive. Enpass asks me to enter a password. The question i which one? The PW for my Google account or the master PW for enpass (of which I am not sure)? Any help is appreciated! EDIT: Same question here:
  2. Hi, Enpass does still not support Yubikey, right? When will it come then? Thx!
  3. It is not a problem since you can export all your data from the setting menu.
  4. Thanks! I actually had blocked the google API in my hosts file on my local machine. It was dnsmasq.config where I had to manually remove the URL of the Google API. I then could easily sync with Google Drive. I love enpass ;-)
  5. Hi all, I am running Linux Mint with Enpass 6.0.6 (323). Enpass does not sync with Google Drive (it works on my Android) and displays error-message 404007. Can someone please help? thx
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