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  1. I have a newly built AMD64 architecture desktop computer running Ubuntu Studio 22.04LTS. I'm an Enpass Pro user and installed it right away, but it won't connect with the Firefox add-on. The add-on says that it cannot find the Enpass desktop app, even when it is running and available. I haven't been able to find any specific instructions on this situation. Advice requested.
  2. I'm a registered user of Enpass. I don't use the Windows store. I used to be able to find a direct download for Enpass, but it doesn't seem to be posted on your site any more. I'm reinstalling on a computer which had to have Windows (10) reset. Where is the download available?
  3. You sent me a private message and I attempted to reply, but I got the popup *FORBIDDEN*. I guess the forum doesn't like me any more.
  4. @Garima Singh Thanks for your reply, but there are two problems with it. The first is that this was not an existing webpage login, but a completely separate page (different subdomain) under the same root domain. Enpass did not pick this up. The second is that I did want to save the login; I just didn't want to erase (overwrite) the information for the existing login under the different subdomain. There should have been an option to "Save as new login" as opposed to "Update this login?" with no other alternative.
  5. Using Enpass extension 6.5.1 for Mozilla Firefox 82.0.2 (64 bit) on Windows 10; Enpass desktop version 6.4.1 (643). I logged into a website which I hadn't visited in a very long time; its login was not in Enpass but was in Firefox Sync. I logged in and was told to change my password, which I attempted to do using Enpass. It should be noted that this company does have a support forum for users which I do occasionally visit on a subdomain (forum.xyzcorp.com as opposed to simply xyzcorp.com). This login was in Enpass, and the two logins although on the same root domain do use separate user IDs and passwords. I generated a password and updated my information in the website. Firefox Sync popped up a window asking if I wanted to update the password, but before I could react (about a quarter of a second) the Enpass extension popped up, erased Firefox Sync, and asked me to update the password for the support forum. There was no option and no way to add a new item with the password which I had just updated. So now I have lost the password and have to go through the whole hassle of having my password reset again by xyzcorp. You really should fix this problem, it's caused me grief a number of times before. Firefox has a pretty good password manager and the Enpass app should not block it out when a site is updated. There should be an option to add a new login/web site with any request to update a password. Or, preferably, both.
  6. I had purchased the upgraded version of Enpass on my previous Android phone (BlackBerry Priv) and it was working properly. I just migrated to a new phone (LG V20) and Enpass is only showing 16 of my 120 entries. I've looked for an option to upgrade the new phone, but so far I can't find it. Suggestions?
  7. The issue has been resolved. For anyone else with the same issue: I had not specified the proper target folder on the WebDAV server. Appending a '/home' to the server URL fixed the issue.
  8. @Anshu kumar, Please see private message. Access may be shared with your development team as necessary. I will deactivate the login once the problem has been resolved.
  9. I'm a new Enpass user attempting to set up sync to my own WebDAV server. I seem to be connecting, but the sync fails every time with error code '904405' both from Windows (10) and Linux. I have verified that the time is set properly on the server and all systems. This error code does not seem to be documented anywhere. What should I try?
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