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  1. I sync my enpass key on Onedrive and 3 weeks ago, I had to change my password on Onedrive which I did. Today, I noticed that the keyfile has not been syncronized sinze my pw was updated but enpass do not show any error or warning on this...it just tries to sync again and again. We should perhaps argue for getting an error message in Enpass saying that sync failed due to "connection error, authentication failed" or something similar. Details: Ap: Newest version of enpass and Onedrive OS: Android v7 Mobile: Huawei P10 Lite
  2. Namaste Akash I created an item. Then I edited the item, choose to attach file and choose a picture from the phone library taken with the mobile camera. When I saved the item, the app crashed. Every time I launched the app, I could sign in using the master password but when opening the repository, the app crashed. I have resolved it now. I downloaded the keyfile from my onedrive, installed enpass on my laptop. Imported the keyfile locally and removed the item with the attachment. Then I uploaded the keyfile to my onedrive again, reinstalled the app on the mobile and now it works.
  3. Crashes when using attachments Device: Huawei P10 Lite Android version: 7.0 Issue: when an item is changed with an attachment (added/removed/modified), the app crashes and when I start the app again, the app crashes instantly. How to proceed?
  4. Perhaps you think the price is pr. month but its actually a one time fee for each platform, you want it installed on... I think its cheap but again, the price is the last factor I validate when validating security software. Functionality is key
  5. I didn't try to kill any arguments at all. I just tried to highlight the rationale around your suggestion and to give you inputs on howto use alternatives. To your question, I would simply use my PDF application to save the scanned passport in a low resolution PDF and add that file in Enpass. You dont want to use the files from enpass to print it, just to have the data available for display. I dont know many pdfs which cannot be put below the 200kb limit unless they have a high amount of Pictures/pages in it. I just uploaded a scan of both my passport, my Health ensurance and my keycode Card in high resolution as well, files are all saved to pdfs below 200kb..... I agree in your point, it would be a fine amendment to Enpass to be able to adjust the limit but to argue that the solution is not usable with the current limit is perhaps because you dont see the solutions but only limitations....
  6. I really dont care about the limit of 200kb. Usually I take a lowres Picture and add the image in Enpass or IF I should have a highres PDF/image, I would just convert it to a lowres small file to be used in Enpass. If Enpass allows the large files to be added, users behaviour might change for user to begin using it as a file repository instead which is ruining the perspective of a password manager app. If I want to add in numerous larger files, I would never use the enpass for this, I would use my cloud drive, dropbox, OneDrive or Amazon drive for this instead. The proposed change of either storing the attachments in separate files next to the walletx file or simply to make a change in the configuration to allow users to adjust the filesize limit would be nice but not urgent IMO due to the above listed ways of mitigating the sizing issue.
  7. Just uploaded 1-2 attachments of ID cards and code cards to the attachments and it works fantastic.....thanks so very very much for this great amendment !!!!!!
  8. Any update on the timeline? Waiting to signup and using Enpass untill this function is available.....
  9. Well, just to have the possibility of adding 1-2 small attachments (either as picture or PDF, keycards and ID cards with numeric codes) would be great as keycards are often delivered as hardcopy and should be dumped into the main database as a small amendment. To store files in more broader scale is not feasible in a pw app using a small encrypted DB, use solutions like Dropbox, onedrive and other web solutions for this. If only a small number of small attachments is allowed, Enpass dont need to put effort in splitting files/database and to sync/not sync attachments. Would be nice if Enpass/Vinod Kumar could reveal ETA for this. Br. Speedys1979
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