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  1. I have been a Pro User of Enpass cos I purchased when you guys had just started. Now, I didn't know anything about this, I simply thought that if I go ahead and use this upgrade for Breach Alert etc., it will be separate from the Pro. Meaning, I will have Pro along with the latest features. I didn't know that it will remove my one time licenses which I have paid for iOS, Android and Windows. But as mentioned in this post, it’s quiet confusing. If this is the case, kindly revert me back to my existing Pro subscription and refund whatever upgrade was charged. This shoul
  2. Allow users to tag items. For example, I have multiple email addresses and credentials for some of the sites I run. I would like to tag them based on this requirement. Let's say, abc is for ABC Site and def is for DEF. That way, even though I have multiple accounts let's say with Gmail or Outlook etc alone, still I can figure out which one to use.
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