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  1. Hi Anshu, I've sent you the credentials for a demo account per PM Many thanks for investigating
  2. When syncing to webdav (nextcloud) I get the error message "Something went wrong while syncing with Webdav. Error code: 908055" If I then click on "sync now" the sync completes without further error message Maybe the devs can shed some light on this error code ? Many thanks
  3. I can confirm this - the Enpass process after reboot has the -session 101 parameter (strange enough, mine also starts with 101 !)
  4. well... this is kind of embarrassing... restarted from scratch, checking that my LE cert+chain is correctly set up in the webserver config (actually was already), disconnected HTTP sync in enpass and connected using HTTPS -> worked out of the box ! no idea what changed between my attempts, besides the fact that I disconnected the sync partnership and set up a new one really sorry for the noise and many many thanks for the great and fast support ! PS : and happy new year !
  5. Hi, Thanks for investigating I'll have a look at the android topic, thanks for the link But my initial issue is with enpass on Linux. There the sync dialog box hangs forever "connecting" (i.e. no error message shown, no possibility to waive a certificate issue etc) Changing the URL from HTTPS to HTTP results in immediate connection and sync I'll also check if the chain topic may solve my issue
  6. Hi Kumar many thanks for the quick answer When trying to connect using the Android app, I got the message that the DST Root CA X3 (which cross-signs Let's Encrypt's root CA) is not valid and had to explicitly accept the certificate. Possibly I'm experiencing the same issue here ? -> Where does enpass get its list of valid CA's ? PS : email sent
  7. Problem still occurs with 5.4.0 / Arch Linux / Nextcloud 11 In which release will it be fixed ? Update : works when reverting to HTTP, but has issues with HTTPS (Let's Encrypt certificate)
  8. Hey @Anshu kumar I'm using enpass 5.3.0-1 on arch linux / KDE cloud sync not configured - owncloud not working keyboard layout is "de" could the cause be that the root cause is that my enpass file is not located in a standard directory in my /home/$USER ? (BTW, what's the default location if any ?) Many thanks for your support
  9. Hi, database migrated from KeepassX, can access it with my passphrase. When logging in, enpass is either started from start menu or when restoring previous session (tried both constellations). When I enter my passphrase, it is stated as wrong. When killing enpass and restarting it, I can enter my passphrase and it unlocks the DB as expected Any idea why the enpass that's started upon user login is not able to open the DB ? Many thanks
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