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  1. @Abhishek Dewan Now four more months are gone. Any news to help us?
  2. @Abhishek Dewan Now three more months are gone. Any progress on that? Why not? Kind regards, Andreas.
  3. @Abhishek Dewan Seems, my feedback is not helpful. Seems, there's no need from Enpass team to reply. Seems, this is bad behavior. Any updates, Abhishek Dewan?
  4. @Abhishek Dewan Happy New Year to you! Another month is gone. Another Enpass version appeared. Same strange behavior as mentioned in September last year. What about a fix?
  5. @Abhishek Dewan now 3 months are gone. Latest version installed - same strange behaviour! When can we expect a fixed version for Mac? Kind regards, Passer.
  6. I'm interested in the same. Dropbox is off for me since limiting the devices in the free version.
  7. I wonder why I should be the first one, complaining about that. This strange behavior is not only in the latest version of Enpass on Mac, but since a long time. Anyhow, would be fine to have this annoying issue to be fixed.
  8. Thanks, @Abhishek Dewan, for reply. The re-installation already happened after updating macOS. Mac OS: Latest, Monterey, version 12.6 Enpass Pro version 6.8.2 (1082) Screen shots in macOS: 1. After revoking from menu bar: 2. Small pop-up window: 3. After pressing Cmd-E to get a full window: 4. I am asked for "touch id": 5. After touch id the main window opens in full window:
  9. When I revoke Enpass on Mac, I have to use touch id twice every time to have the full window available. 1. I revoke Enpass running in the background. I select "Touch ID", use it. Accepted. 2. Enpass opens in a small pop-up window. I want the full window instead. 3. Enlarge Enpass by pressing Cmd-E. It requires password entry again! And strange enough, I have to click on the touch id bubble again, then do touch id. Now I have the full window. What's wrong, that I need a double login and so many action to open an already running Enpass? Any configuration issues? Bug? If this is a bug, I would accept to not having the pop-up window first, but always start revoked Enpass in full window mode. How to? BTW, using latest macOS and latest Enpass version. Kind regards, Passer.
  10. Thanks for the hint, @John Doe. It's sometimes frustrating to see the reactions. But yes, no reason for blaming. What do you propose to have a more clear situation? Kind regards, Passer.
  11. @Garima Singh This is a valid question. But: If you'd have a look into the posts above, you'd understand easily, that YOUR isn't even near to the point. An updated portable version 6 for Windows is pending since almost a year. It's promised to come "soon". I'm working in IT services. If I would promise my service to my customer, I would not have any customer anymore! Please state a due date, or say cleary: No, Enpass will not deliver. Then count YOUR customers. BTW, I'm using Windows 7 Professional, 64 bit, latest version. And Windows 10 with no grants for installing any software via setup or .MSI modules. Cheers, Passer.
  12. I like Enpass on all my devices. BUT: It's very bad, that the portable version isn't updated for a long lime. I need a portable version for Windows 7, because on my company laptop I am not allowed to install anything. They offer me to use KeePass - but why different managers? I'm now on v6.3 on Mac/Windows, but I heavily require an updated portable one. Guys, go on!
  13. Hello. Is there any chance to have a portable windows version of Enpass 6.1.1 or newer? On my company's PC I'm not allowed to install a program (no admin). But the old portable 6.0.7 still works. But missing the enhancements of 6.1.+. Where can I download the portable? Passer.
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