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  1. It is always the same.... First you try for hours, days etc. and you don't get along. Then you write annoyed in a forum with screenshots etc. And then suddenly it works with the app password... It is to become crazy ;-)
  2. Hello, I am using version 20.0 of Nextcloud and I can't synchronize my database. On my 2 Mac I can set up the synchronization wonderfully. The address is: https://cloud.myserver.eu/remote.php/dav/files/Clamsy/Apps/ My username: Clamsy My password: secret There it works. But if I want to synchronize the iPhone I get the error: "Could not connect to the specified WebDAV folder. Please check your username and password". Bypass SSL Verification is enabled. Username and password is correct. I have also tried an app password. Unfortunately also without success.
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