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  1. Thanks @Dentonthebear and @Garima Singh for answering the question. I don't know WHY I couldn't find that on my own! LOL
  2. Hi ... If I don't have problems, I don't follow the forum on Enpass. I would assume that most people are the same way. I would like to suggest that you create a new forum topic with the name similar to "Enpass Version Tracker". In this topic, keep a running changelog and indicate the most recent stable version that customers should be running. That is my suggestion ... Now, my issue to day is "How do I check what version I am running" and "How do I know if I am not running the latest version". Thank you
  3. Turns out the network card in my computer was turning off and on preventing Enpass from getting a good connection. As a test, I added a wireless connection, and Enpass synced immediately. No reply necessary
  4. I have one instance of Enpass that will not sync with dropbox. This machine is in the same office as another machine that has NO problems syncing with dropbox. Both use the same router and hub. Both are wired. Both are the same version of WIN10, although one is new and one is a conversion. I have upgraded to the latest "fixed" version today. (downloaded over the internet after being prompted by Enpass) I have disconnected dropbox from this version of enpass; then reauthorized it (used the internet to reauthorize it) I have rebooted the machine. I have allowed Enp
  5. I had it stop once before. I have also had it mysteriously NOT sync but still show connected. MY fix was to reconnect to dropbox and it worked.
  6. I am at a different computer. I have installed Enpass for old Windows (Win7Pro 64bit). I have clicked on restore from dropbox. The dropbox authorization window appears and I enter my credentials. I tell it to ALLOW enpass to access its folder. Then I receive a page that tells me to REDIRECT to the Enpass app to continue. I enter the password, even click on the eyeball to look at the letters and numbers and they are correct. I click restore. INCORRECT PASSWORD appears directly under the password. I open my android phone. I click enpass app. I click to cance
  7. In this thread regarding the need for a password re-entry after reboot instead of allowing biometrics (which I agree 100%), one of the posters mentioned the need for greater security when passing through the borders. In my search for a solution, I came across 1passord's travel mode. I am not now, nor have I ever been a 1password user so I don't know anything about the company. https://blog.1password.com/introducing-travel-mode-protect-your-data-when-crossing-borders/ I realize that Enpass doesn't have a "travel mode" -- but I remember reading about how to remove
  8. FYI only .... I reported a similar situation that support was "unable to duplicate"
  9. I have experienced Enpass opening the EDGE browser even though I was in another browser when I clicked on the password in Enpass. It doesn't do it every time. Just FYI, nothing more.
  10. I have Enpass setup as PRO on Windows 10; and as paid on Android. I have a few machines still running Win7, and I need access to my passwords on those machines. I was afraid that I would need to use the portable version (which is still in beta) in order to access my passwords on Win7 machines. The documentation was confusing to me -- When I saw the download for "Traditional Win32", I was not sure if this meant that the program would run only on the 32bit version. After installing it on the 64-bit version of Win7, I was glad to see that it does work. Does it work as well as the pro
  11. Thank you for the reply. I have realized the issue is with the spreadsheet import and not Enpass. Although I have not made a test to prove it yet ... I have read that opening a .csv and then re-saving causes it to convert to Sci Notation. If I had started with a true EXCEL worksheet; added all the data, then saved it as a .csv and imported it without opening, it allegedly would not have this error. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I am sure you are happy it is not an Enpass issue.
  12. I have one account that has a username of 16 numeric digits. Enpass changed the username to a scientific number format. The "3.28E+15" shown is not confidential and I have left it in place to show what is happening.
  13. There is also the possibility of entering "X" number of incorrect password attempts causes the LOCAL database to be deleted. As part of this routine, it would need to DISCONNECT from the ability to attach to a backup or to the sync to prevent another copy being downloaded until credentials are re-entered correctly. I haven't experienced it yet, but I am interested to see how to delete the database locally when I go through customs in the countries I fly through; then redownload the database. I do not understand the full process of doing this yet. I assume that I must delete
  14. I never heard of Safe in Cloud until today! Wow. It even looks like Enpass! But it works on win7, 8 and 10, but not chrome os or linux. The fact that it still works on Win 7 is great ... but they don't have portable version (not that Enpass has one that isn't beta yet either) I was wrong - they have a portable version also. Now I know what I will try next if I hit a roadblock with Enpass. A feature Enpass doesn't have is password history ... that is interesting. I save previous passwords manually in the notes. Wrong again! I found the feature. Just remember Enpass, I am
  15. UPDATED AT BOTTOM: FROM WHERE? Just like in the invoice I attached, Microsoft store shows I purchased "Premium Features". There is NO download available. There is no download link in order history. Or "Digital Orders". Not under "My Device". NOT under "Services and Subscriptions". I checked your website ... https://www.enpass.io/downloads/ there is no place to log in to download, so I am assuming you don't mean there. I searched the MS store. There are entries for the password manager (free) and the Edge browser extension. I checked the pro promo page.
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