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  1. I've Verified the OneDrive name on both devices. Also tried unsuccessfully using wifi sync setup on my phone (both QR & Manual). Yet, my phone's vault is a month old and shows a different number of items. How do I get the phone re-synched?
  2. Enpass Pro. I use only one vault on my PC titled "Primary" (w 131 entries), which is synced to OneDrive. While my android phone shows two vaults: "Primary" & another titled "Jan22". But the content is reversed. The 131 entries are shown in my "Jan22" vault, which is also synced to OneDrive. But the phone's "Primary" is old and not up to date & I would like to simply delete it. I see no menu option on my phone to delete a vault. But also wondering why the vault titles are confused?
  3. So can I update my current vault on mobile from a backup file created on my PC? I used to on earlier releases (using wifi !!)
  4. Another month passes and still nothing from Enpass.
  5. I got a new phone and had to repurchase Enpass for it. Then I was allowed to open my computer's backup file via wifi. So the process is there if you want to buy it and start all over again. But I see no way to simply update any changes over wifi. The fix can't possibly be that difficult and I don't remotely believe it's a priority at this point.
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