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  1. "unable to duplicate" or "unable to reproduce"? Let's try... New test database, created in keepassx (v2.31.1) (installed from original repos in kde neon) Main category Root -> next subcategory-> next subsubcategory. (see in attachments) <- in all category (exclude Root), subcategory, sub subcategory present items (see in attachments) after saving this database i do export to CSV After export, i do import into enpass, and result the same as i wrote early. in attachments i add database and screenshots of structure in keepassx and result after import to enpass. Pass for database - justdoit https://drive.google.com/open?id=1lJWYXfKloymrIO8bZfILoClJL8K4miux
  2. Hello to all. I am sure that I have long been looking for this product to replace my keepass. Having tested the desktop version of the program for Linux, I decided to go to enpass completely, however, I encountered difficulties in importing the base from keepass to enpass. I have pass base in keepass with 477 item. My keepass db structure is: Root---- ------cat1 ------cat2 ------cat3 -------------subcat3.1 -------------subcat3.2 -------------subcat3.3 ------cat4 ......etc What i do? -> go to keepassx->export my db to CSV->go to enpass->import data from keepassx as CSV.... The result of such manipulations is i have all item from my keepass database, but the base structure is not similar to the structure of the keepass base, and I also don’t see some item, but they are accessible from searching... as result i recieve this structure: Root---- ------cat1 ------cat2 ------cat3 -------------subcat3.2 ------cat4 ......etc all category in enpass imported as tags and subtags, but after this import subcat3.1 and subcat3.3 is hidden, and inaccessible to navigation from UI. if I enter in the search bar the name of any item that was in subcat3.1 or subcat 3.3, then the record appears in the search results and it's is assigned the tag subcat3.1 or subcat3.3, respectively, but get access to them from the list of tags and subtags impossible because they are not displayed. I really NEED YOUR help. In fact, at the moment this is the only thing that keeps me from buying applications for android, iPadOS, windows.
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