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  1. Hi @Gulshan Dogra i know, but i want to type a tag in the searchbar and see all entries having this tag. This is much quicker. Is this possible?
  2. Hi, is it possible to include my tags in the search? I have all my projects tagged with a project name but if i enter this tag in the search nothing happens.
  3. Hi, in the searchbar i can search by field or title. (btw. why not both of them?) Is it possible to integrate tags in the search? I enter a tag in the searchbar and get all entries. Especially by using nested tags this is a quicker way
  4. Could you explain your structure? Perhaps we can adopt it for using with our tags.
  5. I think this will never happen. There are always the same answers... they will note the feedback but that's all.
  6. @Dentonthebear i mean i can use a tag twice in enpass but for me a tag is something i use unique. (e.g. i can tag all my articles with "desktop" but i can have two different subfolders with the name "desktop"). At least this is my use case :-)
  7. For me these are 2 different things, but i know i can't change the software and thats why for me this discussion is pointless. Using Folder i can have customer1/mysql customer2/mysql I can achieve the same with tags, but if i tag an item i can't have the same tag twice. That makes no sense. It is unique.
  8. Hi @Garima Singh i did it like in the video but after importing all entries are standard logins. E.g. my twitter account is a standard login. If i had manually added this entry i had selected the twitter template and not the standard. B importing it via a csv file i can only have standard logins
  9. I imported all my logins via a csv file. Now all logins are a standard login. I want to change my twitter account from standard to twitter. (like for a new entry, where i can chosse login -> twitter)
  10. Hi, what are the difference between tags and categories or the use cases? There is a category finance but i also can create an tag and name it finance.
  11. For me tags are not folders. Why exist folders and tags if they are the same? I have different use cases for both of them.
  12. Hi, bring back the folders of the previous version. Using tags instead of folders makes no sense. That's the worst decision ever to remove this feature.
  13. ok, but i think it was much faster to know where to look after an entry. By using the search you don't need any category or structure :-)
  14. @Roobert thank you. Categories are the only way to do that? I also have accounts by several webhosting provider. A category webhosting and then all providers with its logins etc. would be nice. Using categories looks like a bad workaround. Could't imagine that other people don't need such a feature.
  15. Hi, i have some customers and would group all customer relates things under one "folder". There are a database login, an api login, cms login and other things. How can i do that? I can't find folders. Is there an option to group things? Whats the normal solution for such a case?
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